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Featuring Bikini Mama's Model, Suzanne Toth September 16 2015

As you all may know, we started running a Bikini Mama's Model Search campaign on our social pages, including Instagram and Facebook.  We wanted to feature actual Bikini Mama's clients; real women in our traditional, maternity and nursing swimwear.  We are happy to announce our first feature, Suzanne Toth.  Suzanne looks absolutely radiant in our Black Push-Up Maternity Bikini, sporting her oh-so-cute baby bump.  

Not only is Suzanne a blogger and mother, but she's also a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator.  Here's a little blurb about Suzanne from her website SuzanneToth.com...

"I remember so clearly the day that I realized I wanted to become a childbirth educator. I was sitting in session one of a prenatal series being taught at the London Health Unit, six months pregnant with my son Owen. As I listened to the instructor speak an immense sense of excitement overcame me, and I couldn't help but think that this woman had the most wonderful job in the world.....and then it struck me: this was something that I wanted to do.

My passionate interest in working with parents and parents-to-be never left me and so I embarked on my journey. After completing my studies of Childbirth Education through Douglas College and Lamaze International, I became certified and have been happily preparing expecting parents ever since! Not everyone is able to do what they love or embrace what they are passionate about, and I am so blessed to have found a field of work that I truly love."

Thank you, again, Suzanne, for sharing your pictures.  Please feel free ladies to keep on sharing.  We will post two featured Bikini Mama's models every month. 

5 Things We Did to Relieve Our Child's Ezcema August 10 2015

A big factor in deciding to create Lilala KIDS organic sleepwear was the fact our youngest daughter, Pilar, suffered from eczema when she was a baby through to toddlerhood. Still today (she is now 5), she will get the occasional outbreak, particularly behind the knees and on the back of her neck, but nowhere near the severity that she once used to.

I often get emails from people looking for an eczema friendly sleepwear for their kids or grandchildren. I can feel their pain so wanted to post the "top 5 things we did to help our daughter with her eczema".

Here are some really simple things that worked for us:

1. We only gave her a bath every three to four days in luke warm water. Water, especially hot water, can be very drying to the skin and often bathing every day is not necessary. Of course she would have her hands and face washed well every day, but bath time was limited to only when it was really necessary. 

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise... we kept her skin hydrated and helped her outbreaks. Back when we lived in Australia, our preferred brand was MooGoo which is made from cows milk. We used their creams plus products for the bath (shampoo etc). This company has grown lot and their website details stockists all over the world now, or ordering online. (Please note, we received no money for this endorsement.)

3. Underdressed her. So often it is easy to overdress our kids but I learned to listen to her instead of presuming she was cold. Once she was talking, she would tell me that she was cold and only then would I put a "light" layer on her. Now that she is at school, I have told her teachers not to put her coat or jumper on unless she says she is cold. They are very good at over dressing kids here in Portugal.

4. Cut all the tags off her clothing. Tags would rub her skin and make her feel uncomfortable and once she started scratching, she would not stop. This is a factor we took into consideration with the design of our kids pajamas / pyjamas. We have no neck tags and no embroidery (which often has a lining attached to the inside of the garment that can also cause irritation).

5. Dressed her in natural fibres such as cotton as much as possible. Organic if we could as even regular cotton is treated with so many pesticides and chemical dyes that would irritate her skin. And we did not like the idea of these treated fabrics against her skin. This is another reason we created Lilala KIDS. 100% organic, natural dyes, and the softest cotton in the world. We know organic clothing is more expensive so would encourage that if you can only afford one item of organic clothing in your child's wardrobe, make it their PJs, the most worn item I am sure (10 hours a day, 7 days a week = 70 hours a week). 

Of course, there were times when we had to use cortisone creams and wrap her hands etc, but just these little things certainly helped her discomfort. None of them are cures, but every little bit helps.

Written by Astrid Fernandes of www.lilalakids.com
Australian mother of 2 now living in Portugal. Creator of Lilala Kids, high quality organic sleepwear for kids.

Staying fashionable and trendy, throughout pregnancy! August 09 2015

When I stumbled upon Heritwine Maternity I was thrilled.  A boutique that offered a trendy, fun and fashionable maternity line, that you can wear throughout pregnancy and beyond.  Hand-picked by the owner, she has found dresses, tops, pants and shorts that can be worn as maternity or traditional, a motto we live by here at Bikini Mama's.  

A little about Heritwine...

Pronounced as Heri-Twine, where the heritage of two people intertwine as one. Here at Heritwine, we believe that being pregnant should not mean that your style should be compromised based on lack of choices and cost. If you haven’t noticed by now, a lot of the maternity clothes aren’t very stylish and the ones that are, are way too expensive. So, with style and cost in mind, it is important for us to find outfits that are both cute and affordable, whether it is exclusively maternity wear or just maternity friendly.

Some of our favorite picks are...(click on images to shop)



Go check'em out!! You can now find Bikini Mama's Swimwear there, as well.  


7 Apps to Care for Your Children and Your Family July 10 2015

Social networking is an invaluable tool, but we must care for our children and prevent its misuse. 

Protecting the family in the era of social networks is more complicated than ever, but definitely not impossible. These applications are easy to use and help.

If you want to keep your communications between the family, you can use Life360. It is a private social network where you can see where your loved ones instantly on a map and report you got somewhere with the function of check-in. If there are problems, the application has an alert button that makes all family members receive mail, voice and text. It also serves to send text messages between family.

Qustodio is a free application with very advanced monitoring functions that can be installed on computers and phones. Control includes a portal which categorizes and blocks Web pages visited and monitor the activity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In case of a prohibited or dangerous place, parents are alerted immediately. The paid version costs about $ 50 a year and can monitor calls and text messages, the location and even the pictures that your child is sharing online.

In the end, there is no better solution than educating our children and be confident that they will make the best decisions, but in the meantime, it's good to know what they're up to. It is better a problem early intervention to deal with unpredictable consequences.

Apps to care for your children and your family

Today there are multiple apps, both free and paid, that allow care for your family through the smartphone.

Here are some applications available to achieve better control over what our children and families through technology included in smartphones. This is a brief list of some of the existing apps that could make a difference in the lives of their loved ones.


In all cases we must keep in mind that like any other app that handles sensitive, personal and confidential information, we must take proper care with our mobile devices even more than our wallet.

They usually carry a lot of information that in the wrong hands, could be used to harm so it is important that we protect both the software needed as well to ensure that it never goes out of our control that is used indiscriminately by others .

Free Apps

Of course, the free apps are the most accessible to the general public although by their nature tend to be very basic, but can serve perfectly to locate your smartphone and, by extension, to its owner.

Find my iPhone

The venerable Find my iPhone is a popular application among users of the Apple iChécheres not only lets you block a stolen device so that it is useless without your password, but also lets you delete your sensitive information remotely. Which can work very well for a family is in the way that can be used to know, at any time, the location of who bears the device whenever you have a WiFi signal or 2G / 3G / 4G available.

There is no cost and can be verified from any web browser if they have the password iCloud not without saying that should not be an easy password. It can also be checked from the mobile App available free on the App Store.

Find my Friends

The other free Apple application called Find My Friends allows those families where everyone has iPhones and iPads settle at any time easily without draining the battery unnecessarily by the theme of GPS, as only active if someone makes request to place a family member. It is also available in the Apple App Store.


This free app is available for iOS and Android, so for a family that has devices of both brands can be very useful. The free version allows you to designate two important places for example, home and school, or house parents and grandparents house to allow a parent to know exactly when the child arrives or leaves the location. It can also be mapped at all times to members of the family, which is very useful especially for children who may be at risk of abduction or elderly people or disabled who might need help.

Paying $ 5 a month per family or $ 50 a year can add more locations like office, home of other relatives, friends house, authorized sites banned sites which instantly alert parents when their children are arriving or departing from those places. Even parents can alert each other when they come home or office, to give an example.

Both the pay and the free version also allows internal and instant messaging; the paid version even allows you to send SMS messages (depending on coverage). Both versions also have information about ex-offenders living in their neighborhood, if the police has provided this information for the moment, we understand that is only available in the United States.


Although the popularity of this platform has fallen and with it has also reduced the number of applications available, we can count on this platform with some options that might give us peace of mind when it comes to knowing where our family is.

BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect allows, among other things, locate your device or any member of your family whenever you have the username and password you designated. You can locate equipment on a map, making it sound, lock, reset the password or put a message on screen.

Windows Phone?

Windows Phone there are few applications of this kind compared to other platforms, but by FollowMee GPS Tracker is one of the most recommended. It is also available for iOS, Android, Kindle and BlackBerry! The free application allows you to monitor in real time the location of the device but the paid version adds the ability to view the history of 7 days to 90 days according to plan.

For teenagers we recommend the Canary App. This canary "sings" every time our children speak or chat on your iPhone or Android while on the move more than 19Km/h, and warns us when passing speed limits or geographical perimeters that we determine. The app does not lock the phone, but it tells us when these situations occur and enables us to talk to our children about their behavior. The app is free, but the service is available for a fee of $ 14.99.

As you can see, there is a lot of applications many of which are free to support parents who wish to care for their children even when they can not physically be with them. Used responsibly, these applications can even save the life of a family; we recommend you explore every option before settling on one in particular.

We must also remember that using GPS smartphone battery will wear out faster, so it will be advisable also to use, where possible, a holster with extra battery or charger have on hand for any emergency.

Written by Bob Tolan of momsingle.com

"In Bed With Lainne" Proving pregnant women can look hot at the beach! May 20 2015

This week Lainne gets comfortably uncomfortable with the gorgeous Terri-Lynne, owner and creator of Bikini Mama Swimwear, designed to make pregnant women feel their sexiest at the beach. “I actually came up with the line while I was pregnant because I was really disappointed when I went swimwear shopping and I couldn’t find anything that made me feel beautiful or sexy,” she explains. Bikini Mama's swimsuits are a patented design that offers the ultimate support to women’s best assets- lifting, sculpting, separating for maximum hotness! “We just wanted everyone, whether your pregnant or not, we wanted to make everybody feel beautiful in their own skin.” Terri Lynne tells Lainne how motherhood has made her feel much sexier and that’s it’s taught her to love her flaws, and embrace the aging process.

Bikini Mama's Swimsuit Giveaway Alert!! January 06 2015

IG ‪#‎Giveaway‬ alert!! Want the chance to win this swimsuit seen here? We've teamed up with blogger @bonjourblissblog to give you all a chance to win a ‪Bikini Mama's‬ swimsuit (maternity, nursing or traditional) and tankini wrap.
To Enter...Find @bikinimamas on Instagram and look for this picture (below)
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2/ TAG 3 FRIENDS in the comment section below this picture
It's that easy! Winner to be announced 1/11

The ultimate push up maternity bikini and sexy nursing swimwear December 30 2014

Didn't think sexy existed in nursing swimwear or maternity bikinis?  Check out Bikini Mama's swimsuits.  Our nursing tops are designed with sexy in mind, making breastfeeding fashionable. The construction and careful design of our swimwear provides not only comfort, but enhancement, in all the right places.  It's the inner frame of our nursing tops that grabs onto the outer side of the breasts and pushes everything in and up. With convenience also in mind, our one-handed nursing clips and easy drop down of cups, allow you to discreetly breastfeed baby in an instant.  Don't let pregnancy or breastfeeding stop you from feeling sexy.  

Our maternity and traditional line, without the nursing ability, also provide max enhancement with special design and excellent padding. Wink, Wink! With adjustable straps and strings, you control the amount of cleavage, too.

With tops and bottoms and even our tankini wrap being completely adjustable, our maternity swimsuits will adjust to weight gain and weight loss, for long term wear.

Check out some of the features of our swimwear....

-Trendy maternity swimsuit that adjusts to your evolving pregnant body
-Made of comfortable, quick drying and high quality material for long term wear
-Adjustable cups support and flatter the breasts; in fact, many non-pregnant women choose to wear Bikini Mama's suits for their comfort, support and good looks 
-Convenience of a nursing bra: strong clips can be fastened and unfastened with an easy one hand operation, for discreet nursing
-Nursing bikini tops are super supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby
-Nursing swim tops never bunch when re-clipped after breastfeeding
-Shoulder straps offer a wide range of adjustment to make prolonged use comfortable
-Reshapes to your post-pregnancy silhouette, and can be worn as a traditional bathing suit
-To complement our maternity swimwear line, we offer a Tankini wrap that acts as a totally adjustable skirt to cover your belly or stretch marks when you might want some modesty - wear the tankini wrap as a skirt or nursing cover


The Maternity Bikini - To show off the bump or not show off the bump... December 23 2014

We say show it off!  Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical thing, why not show that off?  Why is there such a limited selection of maternity bikinis out there?  These are the questions we asked ourselves when Bikini Mama's was born.  Did the industry just assume because we were pregnant, we belonged in one-piece swimwear, that looked out-dated and ill fitting. Even the two-piece tankinis didn't offer much in the feel-sexy department. Why weren't we to look and feel sexy, just because we were pregnant?  Pregnancy is still sexy, ladies.

While preggers, I went to many, many maternity stores and looked online for the perfect maternity bikini that would offer more support for my ever-growing belly and breasts, but also looked trendy and sexy.  I was hugely disappointed by the selection out there.  I was even more disappointed to find there was absolutely no selection of nursing bikinis...anywhere. Why couldn't I find a bikini that would adjust to my ever-evolving pregnant body and post-pregnant silhouette? Something I could wear throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  I ended up settling for regular string bikinis, which offered no support and dug into my neck and back, only allowing me to wear for an hour or two. I tried on a couple nursing tankinis and found the lift-cup-up system, from the bottom of the breast to top, offered very little support and made my breasts look quite droopy. 

I wanted to offer everything I had be searching for, but never found.  Our maternity & nursing bikinis will take you throughout pregnancy and beyond.  With adjustable straps and strings on both the bikini tops and bottoms, they will adjust to weight gain and loss.  Thicker straps around the neck and back allow you to wear our maternity swimsuits for hours and hours, no digging!

We made breastfeeding not only fashionable, but functional. With one-handed nursing clips and easy drop-down of cups on our nursing tops, you can breastfeed your little one conveniently and discreetly.  Plus the inner frame not only supports the breast but also pushes up your cleavage.  The band under the cups also offer incredible support.

So go ahead Mama's, show off that beautiful baby bump!


Check out some of the Mama's who are embracing their new figures and showing it off, on our IG and FB pages...




Look who's featured on Love MomStyle Christmas Holiday Guide... December 11 2014

Get into the Christmas spirit and find all your favorite Mommy items on one Holiday Guide.  

Check us out on page 24, to receive discounts on maternity bikinis, nursing swimwear and tankini swimsuits.  Discount code given to LoveMomStyle Fans, to be used at checkout.  

Our nursing bikinis allow you to breastfeed baby with no mess, no stress.  

Get two swimsuits in one with our tankini wrap. Convert any one of our bikinis into a tankini with one simple tie, under the bikini top

Use the tankini wrap as a skirt or a nursing cover, for the breastfeeding Moms

Maternity swimsuits are completely adjustable - adjusts to the ever evolving pregnant body and post-pregnant silhouette 



Summer Giveaway Win over $600 in prizes! July 15 2014

16 Minute Club Summer Giveaway
Win over $600 in prizes!

This summer we've partnered with 16 Minute Club, bringing you the 16 Minute Club Great Summer Giveaway!

One lucky mom will win over $600 in prizes (from one of our Bikini Mama's nursing swimsuits, to herbs and teas, and even goats milk skin care) from some pretty amazing brands all listed below.

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Better still, after the promotion is over, everyone who entered will receive an exclusive coupon from the some of the brands who participated.

ENTER NOW though July 27th to win! And don't forget to share, share, share to better your chance in winning!!

Brand Partners

Motherlove - Jar of Nipple Cream and a bottle of Birth and Baby Oil

Bikini Mamas - Swimsuit

Birds & Beas Teas - Bulk Bag of Our Lady of La Leche Tea

Little Toader - Pineapple No Pain Teether

Nuzzlemom - NuzzleHUG and NuzzleNIPs

Milk Charm - Three pack of milk charms

BambinOz - Porta Chair or Gel Pad

Juno Blu - Breast Pump Bag

Hemming Birds Boutique - 3-pack of bibs

Parker's Potions - Three Bottles of Potion

Haley & The Hound Boutique - $75 Gift Certificate for Women's or Children's Clothing

Dairy Fairy - One Arden Bra

Goodie Tins - Two goodie tins, one for mom, one for baby

Dancin' Goat Skin Care - Goats Milks Soap, Lotion, Lip Balm & Lip Scrub


For more information, please visit http://blog.16minuteclub.com/cms/blog/posts/summer-giveaway-win-over-600-in-prizes