The Back Story Behind Bikini Mama's July 28 2016

My baby girl, Jordyn Mary, was born December 13, 2011. I was beyond thrilled. I can’t tell you how in love I am with this little bundle. I had known going in that I wanted to breastfeed. I know it provides babies with the best nutrients. I especially realized this when Jordyn had an eye infection and the doctor told me to put breast milk in her eye. Whaaaat??? Cleared it up in a zip. It’s literally gold. 

Living in Southern California I was in a bathing suit most of the year and the fact that my husband is a water-ski racer we end up traveling a lot to different destinations where these races are held. Well in Feb, March of 2012 we travelled to hot destinations and, of course, I was breastfeeding. Looking for nursing swimwear, was absolutely frustrating. I always came to the same conclusion - small selection of tankinis, one-pieces, ugly, out-dated and far from sexy, horrible designs and no support or adjustability. So I went back to my old string bikinis I had in my drawer and I thought, this will work. I’ll just slide the cup to the side and when done, I’ll slide it right back. Only problem with this ladies…not only do the string bikinis offer no support for your engorged breasts but if you are going to nurse in a semi-public or public place, when you go to slide the cup back, the padding bunches and you have bunched up boobs.

I remember one time I nursed while we were taking a boat ride, so we were nowhere near a bathroom or room. When I finished nursing I was so embarrassed in front of my husbands friends, that my bikini top was all bunched from the padding and I couldn’t get it back into place w/o going to a bathroom and taking off to re-adjust. I found it super annoying. And of course, if you’re breastfeeding, you know that you need the padding, in case there is some leakage. So taking the pads out was out of the question.

I was so in love with my nursing bras and thought, why doesn’t anyone offer a hot, sexy bikini with the same ease and luxury my nursing bra offers, with the clips. Unclip; pull down and there you go, boob’s out and ready to go. And when done, just fold back up and clip. Ta da.

So I decided to design my own maternity swimwear line. Something that women can use not only just for nursing, but something throughout their whole pregnancy (that was another thing that annoyed me…that some of the maternity bathing suits wouldn’t be wearable after pregnancy or while nursing).

Bikini Mama’s designs are so hot and sexy, you can ‘t even tell they’re maternity. You could continue to wear them after breastfeeding. I’ve even had girlfriends (who aren’t pregnant or even close to) buy my swimsuits because they offer so much support (especially for larger breasts) that they push up their boobs to where they look like a really good fake boob job. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Ladies, pregnancy and being a new mom, is a beautiful thing. Why wouldn’t you show it off and why not feel beautiful and sexy while doing it. My maternity swimsuits won’t only make you feel sexy and beautiful, but they are super-supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby. They are also adjustable in every sense to you can tighten or loosen while your body grows (during pregnancy) and shrinks (after baby).   I also offer the tankini option, to cover your belly, with my wrap. Because it’s adjustable (I understand if you’re not totally comfortable showing off your ever growing belly) it can be used not only to cover your bump, stretch marks or C-section scars, but you can also use the wrap as a skirt (I gained weight in my thighs, so I love using the wrap as a skirt) but you can also use it as a cover to nurse your baby.

Again I wanted women to get the most use out of my swimwear line. I wanted them to feel sexy but also wanted to provide something with exceptional support and convenience.

Rock it Moms. Be Beautiful.

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