Featuring Bikini Mama's Model, Suzanne Toth September 16 2015

As you all may know, we started running a Bikini Mama's Model Search campaign on our social pages, including Instagram and Facebook.  We wanted to feature actual Bikini Mama's clients; real women in our traditional, maternity and nursing swimwear.  We are happy to announce our first feature, Suzanne Toth.  Suzanne looks absolutely radiant in our Black Push-Up Maternity Bikini, sporting her oh-so-cute baby bump.  

Not only is Suzanne a blogger and mother, but she's also a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator.  Here's a little blurb about Suzanne from her website SuzanneToth.com...

"I remember so clearly the day that I realized I wanted to become a childbirth educator. I was sitting in session one of a prenatal series being taught at the London Health Unit, six months pregnant with my son Owen. As I listened to the instructor speak an immense sense of excitement overcame me, and I couldn't help but think that this woman had the most wonderful job in the world.....and then it struck me: this was something that I wanted to do.

My passionate interest in working with parents and parents-to-be never left me and so I embarked on my journey. After completing my studies of Childbirth Education through Douglas College and Lamaze International, I became certified and have been happily preparing expecting parents ever since! Not everyone is able to do what they love or embrace what they are passionate about, and I am so blessed to have found a field of work that I truly love."

Thank you, again, Suzanne, for sharing your pictures.  Please feel free ladies to keep on sharing.  We will post two featured Bikini Mama's models every month.