3 Sexy Types of Maternity Swimwear Offered by Bikini Mama’s November 11 2016

Child birth is one of the most natural things in this world but a woman has to go through 9-months pregnancy period in order to deliver a baby. During this 9-month period, her body goes through different stages such as relatively big boobs, odd skin discoloration, increasing waistline and relatively larger butts, so she has to diversity her clothes in order to make it optimum for her changing size.

However, this does not mean that she should not be wearing any swim wear or bikinis just because she is pregnant. Do you know that swimming is the best exercise a woman can get during her pregnancy? The more exercise a pregnant woman will have, the less labor pain she is going to experience during child birth. She has all the right to enjoy whatever she wants especially during the pregnancy. The happier she is, the healthier child she is going to deliver. Here are a few types of maternity swimwear Bikini Mama's is currently offering:

1.    Push Up Traditional or Maternity Bikini Tops

If you’re looking some sexy as well as super supportive bikini during your pregnancy, push up traditional or maternity bikini tops are known for their enhanced maternity swimwear clothing, enhanced cleavage; support your waistline for pregnancy and post-pregnancy silhouette.

Similarly, if you are looking for string bikini just to support your neck and back, tops by Bikini Mama’s are supportive, comfortable and sexy and you can wear without any struggle or digging in any month of your pregnancy. These maternity bathing suits will definitely make you look super attractive and elegant at the beach. Moreover, you can even wear it all day and all night without worrying for your size and waistline.

Here are a few push up traditional or maternity bikini tops offered by Bikini Mama’s:



2.    Tankini Wrap and Skirt, Convertible Tankini Swimwear

If you’re looking for modest swimwear clothing, Tankini wrap and skirt (Convertible Tankini Swimwear) offers you two swim swimsuits in one suit only. This multi-functional convertible maternity bathing suit can be worn easily by tying its wrapping in your front or back and it will offer you an awesome attractive and sexy appearance while swimming. If you want a peek-a-boo effect through your bikini, you can tie it around your back or front. It all depends upon your convenience.

In case, you don’t like to show your baby bump, you can wrap this maternity swimwear to show modesty and coverage for your baby bump. You can easily get these Tankini wrap and skirt or Convertible Tankini Swimwear from Bikini Mama’s swimwear.

      I.         Teddy Tankini Wrap, Convertible Tankini Skirt

Price: $30

    II.         Black Baby Doll Convertible Maternity Tankini

Price: $30.00

3.    Special Mention: Aquarius Bikini Top

Price: $49.00

If you’re breastfeeding, this Aquarius bikini top, a traditional bathing suit, is best option for you when it comes to swimming. You can also wear with a wrap as a maternity Tankini.