Keeping Up With Maternity Fashion Trends with these 5 Fashion Tips March 15 2014

Being pregnant is an amazing experience but adapting to an ever changing/evolving body can be challenging, especially if you want to stay fashionable.  Here are a few tips to keep you looking fun and trendy throughout your pregnancy...
1. Add a little pop of color
We tend to wear a lot of dark colors to look thinner, especially during the last 2 months of pregnancy (when we're feeling huge and can't even bend to tie our shoes LOL) but you can even add color with accessories and jewelry.  Adding a fun, bright-colored or printed scarf can do wonders.
2. Show off your assets 
As we all know cleavage, during pregnancy, tends to pop along with belly, why not show that off with a scoop neck or v-neck shirt
3. Maxi Dresses 
We love the maxi dress on pregnant women - so flattering and sexy.  You can also add a cute jacket to dress it up or jean jacket to dress it down.
4. Add a belt right under your breasts
This is a cute way to dress up a solid colored blouse/shirt or even a dress and show off your bump.
5. Skip the busy prints 
Single-block colors or solid colors tend to make us look thinner and taller
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing - Why not show it off.
Rock it Moms! Be Beautiful!