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3 Sexy Types of Maternity Swimwear Offered by Bikini Mama’s November 11 2016

Child birth is one of the most natural things in this world but a woman has to go through 9-months pregnancy period in order to deliver a baby. During this 9-month period, her body goes through different stages such as relatively big boobs, odd skin discoloration, increasing waistline and relatively larger butts, so she has to diversity her clothes in order to make it optimum for her changing size.

However, this does not mean that she should not be wearing any swim wear or bikinis just because she is pregnant. Do you know that swimming is the best exercise a woman can get during her pregnancy? The more exercise a pregnant woman will have, the less labor pain she is going to experience during child birth. She has all the right to enjoy whatever she wants especially during the pregnancy. The happier she is, the healthier child she is going to deliver. Here are a few types of maternity swimwear Bikini Mama's is currently offering:

1.    Push Up Traditional or Maternity Bikini Tops

If you’re looking some sexy as well as super supportive bikini during your pregnancy, push up traditional or maternity bikini tops are known for their enhanced maternity swimwear clothing, enhanced cleavage; support your waistline for pregnancy and post-pregnancy silhouette.

Similarly, if you are looking for string bikini just to support your neck and back, tops by Bikini Mama’s are supportive, comfortable and sexy and you can wear without any struggle or digging in any month of your pregnancy. These maternity bathing suits will definitely make you look super attractive and elegant at the beach. Moreover, you can even wear it all day and all night without worrying for your size and waistline.

Here are a few push up traditional or maternity bikini tops offered by Bikini Mama’s:



2.    Tankini Wrap and Skirt, Convertible Tankini Swimwear

If you’re looking for modest swimwear clothing, Tankini wrap and skirt (Convertible Tankini Swimwear) offers you two swim swimsuits in one suit only. This multi-functional convertible maternity bathing suit can be worn easily by tying its wrapping in your front or back and it will offer you an awesome attractive and sexy appearance while swimming. If you want a peek-a-boo effect through your bikini, you can tie it around your back or front. It all depends upon your convenience.

In case, you don’t like to show your baby bump, you can wrap this maternity swimwear to show modesty and coverage for your baby bump. You can easily get these Tankini wrap and skirt or Convertible Tankini Swimwear from Bikini Mama’s swimwear.

      I.         Teddy Tankini Wrap, Convertible Tankini Skirt

Price: $30

    II.         Black Baby Doll Convertible Maternity Tankini

Price: $30.00

3.    Special Mention: Aquarius Bikini Top

Price: $49.00

If you’re breastfeeding, this Aquarius bikini top, a traditional bathing suit, is best option for you when it comes to swimming. You can also wear with a wrap as a maternity Tankini.

Feeling Your Sexiest While Pregnant October 08 2016

Check out our article and video in PopDust. We sat down with sensualist, Lainne Patterson and stripped down (to our bikinis) to talk about feeling your sexiest while pregnant or at any size/shape. See what PopDust (and Lainne) had to say...

This week Lainne gets comfortably uncomfortable with the gorgeous Terri-Lynne, owner and creator of Bikini Mama Swim Wear, designed to make pregnant women feel their sexiest at the beach. “I actually came up with the line while I was pregnant because I was really disappointed when I went swimwear shopping and I couldn’t find anything that made me feel beautiful or sexy,” she explains. Lynne’s swimsuits are a patented design that offers the ultimate support to women’s best assets- lifting, sculpting, separating for maximum hotness! “We just wanted everyone, whether your pregnant or not, we wanted to make everybody feel beautiful in their own skin.” Terri Lynne tells Lainne how motherhood has made her feel much sexier and that’s it’s taught her to love her flaws, and embrace the aging process.

The Back Story Behind Bikini Mama's July 28 2016

My baby girl, Jordyn Mary, was born December 13, 2011. I was beyond thrilled. I can’t tell you how in love I am with this little bundle. I had known going in that I wanted to breastfeed. I know it provides babies with the best nutrients. I especially realized this when Jordyn had an eye infection and the doctor told me to put breast milk in her eye. Whaaaat??? Cleared it up in a zip. It’s literally gold. 

Living in Southern California I was in a bathing suit most of the year and the fact that my husband is a water-ski racer we end up traveling a lot to different destinations where these races are held. Well in Feb, March of 2012 we travelled to hot destinations and, of course, I was breastfeeding. Looking for nursing swimwear, was absolutely frustrating. I always came to the same conclusion - small selection of tankinis, one-pieces, ugly, out-dated and far from sexy, horrible designs and no support or adjustability. So I went back to my old string bikinis I had in my drawer and I thought, this will work. I’ll just slide the cup to the side and when done, I’ll slide it right back. Only problem with this ladies…not only do the string bikinis offer no support for your engorged breasts but if you are going to nurse in a semi-public or public place, when you go to slide the cup back, the padding bunches and you have bunched up boobs.

I remember one time I nursed while we were taking a boat ride, so we were nowhere near a bathroom or room. When I finished nursing I was so embarrassed in front of my husbands friends, that my bikini top was all bunched from the padding and I couldn’t get it back into place w/o going to a bathroom and taking off to re-adjust. I found it super annoying. And of course, if you’re breastfeeding, you know that you need the padding, in case there is some leakage. So taking the pads out was out of the question.

I was so in love with my nursing bras and thought, why doesn’t anyone offer a hot, sexy bikini with the same ease and luxury my nursing bra offers, with the clips. Unclip; pull down and there you go, boob’s out and ready to go. And when done, just fold back up and clip. Ta da.

So I decided to design my own maternity swimwear line. Something that women can use not only just for nursing, but something throughout their whole pregnancy (that was another thing that annoyed me…that some of the maternity bathing suits wouldn’t be wearable after pregnancy or while nursing).

Bikini Mama’s designs are so hot and sexy, you can ‘t even tell they’re maternity. You could continue to wear them after breastfeeding. I’ve even had girlfriends (who aren’t pregnant or even close to) buy my swimsuits because they offer so much support (especially for larger breasts) that they push up their boobs to where they look like a really good fake boob job. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Ladies, pregnancy and being a new mom, is a beautiful thing. Why wouldn’t you show it off and why not feel beautiful and sexy while doing it. My maternity swimsuits won’t only make you feel sexy and beautiful, but they are super-supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby. They are also adjustable in every sense to you can tighten or loosen while your body grows (during pregnancy) and shrinks (after baby).   I also offer the tankini option, to cover your belly, with my wrap. Because it’s adjustable (I understand if you’re not totally comfortable showing off your ever growing belly) it can be used not only to cover your bump, stretch marks or C-section scars, but you can also use the wrap as a skirt (I gained weight in my thighs, so I love using the wrap as a skirt) but you can also use it as a cover to nurse your baby.

Again I wanted women to get the most use out of my swimwear line. I wanted them to feel sexy but also wanted to provide something with exceptional support and convenience.

Rock it Moms. Be Beautiful.

maternity swimwear

Featuring This Month's Bikini Mama's Model, Nicole!! June 22 2016

Real women, real swimwear! Every month we like to feature real women in our traditional or maternity swimwear.  This month we want to introduce you to Nicole.  Nicole has been so sweet to share her story with us on the struggles of getting pregnant, to the challenges of breastfeeding. She has also been so kind as to share photos with us on our Instagram page, like the ones below, of her breastfeeding her son and just having fun family beach time, all in our nursing swimwear.

maternity swimweartankini swimwear

I'm Nicole! I am 26 years old and I live in Upstate NY with my husband and 18 month old son, Jackson. They are the lights of my world and I am completely blessed and over the moon to have them as my family. I am a photographer and I specialize in photographing maternity-baby's first year and am a huge advocate of breastfeeding photography!

I knew that I always wanted to be a mommy! I always daydreamed about the small house with a white picket fence and wrap around porch. My kitchen sink/window would overlook the yard so I could wash dishes and watch my children. Yes, it was a very specific dream. Haha. Flash forward to 2013, when I married the love of my life, Nick. We thought we would wait awhile to try to have a baby and just enjoy married life but truth be told we couldn't wait. We had been together 5 years already! Before we began trying, we knew I had a couple of health conditions that could make it difficult but we didn't know to what extent. It took us 9 months to get pregnant with our little man and many tests, ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc. But I am so very lucky! I knew as soon as I got pregnant I wanted to nurse my son. I wanted that bond and for him to get all the nutritional benefits and protection I could give him! Everyone I knew never had any trouble so I thought it would come easy for me, but it didn't. I suffered from very low supply. On my best days I could produce or pump 5oz combined every 4-5 hours. But I refused to give up and I never supplemented. I just kept going and trying. I gained a lot of weight, eating lactation cookies and fattier foods and I swore by Euphoric Herbal supplements! Everything I did helped keep us going! He may not have gotten chubby or had those adorable thunder thighs but he was fed and happy and that made me so proud. My favorite moments were when he would play with my fingers or unlatch and look up at me with a big smile. Those will forever stay vivid in my memory. We were able to nurse for 14 months and I am amazed and so proud of our journey. I was sad when it came to an end and was scared our bond would fade but it's only gotten stronger! I am truly amazed at what breastfeeding has done for us as a mother and son and I am grateful. If you struggle with it, know that you're not alone and that I have been there, too. 
Nursing Swimwear
I stumbled across Bikini Mamas on Instagram from the hashtag, breastfeeding. And oh my I fell in love! First of all, she is the kindest, sweetest and most giving woman I have met. And she was quick to help me figure out sizing, but she's also just a doll to talk to, about anything! And her talent is amazing. The maternity bathing suit was top quality and so flattering. With the bottoms sitting low on my hips and full coverage butt, it made me appear a little thinner (which I mean we all want!). The top has removable thin padding and is sexy while being modest. I know that seems impossible but it's true! The clips durable and easy, making nursing on demand, on the beach or while lounging in my yard, a breeze! I still wear my suit 18 months post partum, not nursing! It's my go-to!


Nicole is not only an amazing Mama but a very talented photographer.  If you're ever looking for a maternity, baby or even wedding photographer, please check her out at...


**GIVEAWAY ALERT** June 15 2016

We're giving away one of our Convertible Maternity-to-Nursing & Beyond Bikini-to-Tankini swimsuits to one lucky winner. Our tankini wrap gives you two swimsuits in one!

Click HERE to Enter!

Contest ends June 30, 2016. Good luck!

Facebook-Breastfeeding Double Standard March 18 2016

After reading an article from the Huffington Post, on Facebook, about a Mom using a Victoria's Secret photo to highlight the absurd double standard in regards to breastfeeding, I was like "hallelujah", I'm not the only one in this boat.  For three years now I have been trying to build a business catered to the pregnant and nursing Mom, offering a swimwear (and now dress) line that Mama's can feel confident and comfortable in, all while staying up-to-date with the latest trends (basically offering fashion that doesn't look maternity).  After reading this article and being denied, numerous times, by Facebook on posting ads and selling my products, I decided it was time to do something about it.  

The Bikini Mama's line offers nursing bikinis with a drop down of cup and inner frame for support, while breastfeeding.  Because I'm the only person out there offering this type of product, I obviously have to demonstrate how the top works.  Otherwise women are going to think it's just a traditional push-up bikini top (seriously, you can't tell!). So I posted product pictures like this to my Facebook Store...

When I was first denied from Facebook I thought the same thing Corry (from the Huffington Post article) did.  How is this picture more racy than the Victoria's Secret posts/ads and page???  How is this racy at all?  This is a top that offers the breastfeeding Mom the access and convenience to breastfeed their little ones, anywhere at anytime.  When did breastfeeding "anywhere at anytime" become looked down upon?  And why are breastfeeding pics that are posted on social media being flagged or reported?  

It also brought me back to a segment I had seen on Wendy Williams (seen here on cnn.com) of Alyssa Milano (love her) discussing the subject of breastfeeding in public and I was completely shocked when Wendy Williams (a Mom herself), said "I don't want to see you breastfeeding!".  I think my jaw literally dropped to the floor.  What has happened to society?  This is a natural thing, it's a beautiful thing! You are feeding your baby!! When did it become sexual?  Alyssa brought up so many good points during that interview.  Why is it okay to show photos of Miley with suspenders over her breasts but it's not okay to show photos of a mother nursing? 

Anyway, back to my issue with Facebook.  How is it I am receiving rejections to my ad requests and the rejection of selling my products through Facebook, when Victoria's Secret ads with topless women don't seem to be an issue?  They are posted all over Facebook, in the mall, on bus stops, etc. 

My images and posts do not, and never have, contained nudity or depicted people in explicit or suggestive positions.  Yet, are you checking out the Victoria's Secret image? Correct me if I'm wrong, but is she not topless? With just a hand over her nipple?  All I have to say is DOUBLE STANDARD!!

I am going to take action and fight Facebook on this and I have to commemorate all the breastfeeding advocates out there, including Corry and Alyssa Milano. Keep on fighting Mama's!!! #normalizebreastfeeding

Now Offering Maternity to Nursing Dresses!!! January 26 2016

Love the ease of our Maternity-to-Nursing Bikini Tops but wished we had a dress that offered the same breastfeeding convenience, adjusted to your pregnant and post-pregnant silhouette and still offered push up and support?? Well the wait is finally over.  We now offer maternity dresses that have plenty of room for your growing bump but are completey adjustable with back and neck ties to adjust to your post-pregnant silhouette.  The top potion of our dresses have a built in nursing bra.  What?!! The nursing top offers an inner frame, easy drop down of cups and sturdy nursing clips, making it easy to breastfeed your little one anywhere at any time.  We offer fun, trendy designs.  You can't even tell its a nursing dress...wear as a traditional dress. Wear with a cute jacket or shawl for all year long wear.  Or, dress up our maxi with some fancy jewelery for an evening look. Our babydoll dresses can even be worn as a maternity swimsuit as the material can be worn in the pool.  Moms, you're going to love these dresses.  Take a look at some of our new designs...

Rock it Moms! Be Beautiful!

5 All Natural Ways to Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep January 19 2016

The world’s finest organic cotton pyjamas can help your children get a good night’s sleep. You also get the peace of mind knowing they are not wearing chemical-laden fabrics that could be harmful to their health.

You can provide your children with organic cotton sleepwear and ultra-soft, plush bedding that will keep them comfortable, but what if they have a hard time getting to sleep in the first place? 

How do you get your children to sleep when it’s way past bedtime and they don’t seem to be tired? We have put together a handy guide that will help you get your children to sleep sooner and with much better results while taking an all-natural approach.

Read along and give these tips a try tonight.

First, set a rule of no video games at least one hour before bedtime.

Studies have shown that children who play video games showed significant sleep disruption. 

Try switching up their diet.

Foods that contain a high amount of artificial and natural sugars can keep children awake longer. Choose foods that are high in protein and carbs since these foods will aid in your child’s sleep. These foods include oatmeal, yogurt, cheese and eggs. A good tip is to provide your children with an “upside down day” where you serve breakfast foods for dinner.

Keep all electrical appliances including mobile phones, alarm clocks and baby monitors at least three feet away from your children’s beds.

The electrical fields given off by these devices disrupt their melatonin secretion making it difficult for them to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Be sure to turn off any unnecessary lights.

Light pollution can disrupt a child’s hormone regulation and even affect their immune system function. Blackout curtain or shades can help keep their rooms dark and calming at night and block out much of the morning sun ensuring they get the proper amount of quality sleep.

Finally, make bedtime special for your children.

Get everyone together for a bedtime story and give the children turns reading to each other. This will not only help calm them down and prepare them for sleep, it will also help them become better readers and better students in school.

Some comfy organic cotton pyjamas - and these handy tips - are all you need to help your children get a good night’s sleep and get them ready for the next day ahead of them.

Written by Astrid Fernandes of www.lilalakids.com
Australian mother of 2 now living in Portugal. Creator of Lilala Kids, high quality organic sleepwear for kids.

Featuring This Month's Bikini Mama's Model, Lauren!! October 12 2015

Real women, real swimwear!!  Every month we will feature our own #BikiniMamas in our swimwear.  We absolutely love this Mama, Lauren McCormack and love the photos she shared with us on social media.  How precious is the photo of her breastfeeding her little one in our nursing swimsuit?!?

Lauren is in our Aquarius Maternity to Nursing Bikini.  Wear our swimwear throughout pregnancy, while breastfeeding and beyond.  Adjustable straps around the neck and back adjust to the ever evolving pregnant and post pregnancy silhouette. Plus our one-handed nursing clips make it easy and convenient to breastfeed your baby either poolside or at the beach.

Lauren is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She now resides in Fort McMurray, Alberta with her husband of two years, Greg, since 2012. They had their first baby girl, Niamh, on August 20, 2014 and have been loving life as a family of three ever since. Lauren breastfed for 12 months, an achievement she is extremely proud of (and should be!). "It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, although I did find it to be convenient, rewarding, bond strengthening and comforting for the both of us." Lauren is back to working full time as a social worker in a personal care home and, of course, adjusting to the work/family life balance. "The slow cooker is our new best friend!" As a family, they love to spend time together with their dog and two cats, whether they're at home relaxing or traveling. Their daughter has, already, been across Canada three times and to Mexico once since she was born! They hope to plan many more family trips together in the future. For the moment they are enjoying Fall and looking forward to winter so they can start the snowboarding season!

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your pics and allowing us to get to know you!!

Share your photos on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page and get featured too!!


See what Mommy Bloggers are saying about Bikini Mama's Swimwear October 07 2015

We always love hearing from our customers and love it even more when they blog about us.  See what this adorable Mama-To-Be and Blogger, Camilla from Castle Avenue Blog, had to say about our maternity-to-nursing swimwear....

"This week has been anything but warm and I’m having trouble believing that summer is truly over. Although I do enjoy fall for the knit sweaters and cozy nights in, I miss summer already! Although I think poolside days are over, this awesome bikini will still be put to use. I am currently in the midst of planning our little baby moon and this number will definitely be joining us (no hot tubbing of course).

As soon as my body started expanding my ‘regular’ bathing suits just weren’t an option. I all of a sudden became very modest with the style of bathing suit I was comfortable wearing. I wanted (and needed) something that provided more coverage, was comfy to wear but was still fashionable. Thank goodness for the company Bikini Mamas! A company run by a mama named Terri (who is initially from Canada) providing fashionable, comfortable and versatile bikinis just for moms with either growing bumps or growing babies. Exactly what I was looking for! Don’t get me wrong, I do still adore my ‘regular’ suit options but just don’t feel comfortable in them with a body growing in all different places and directions (bosoms, butt and belly).

There are quite a few options in regards to design and pieces. I personally absolutely adore the Bikini Mamas cover wrap as it really brings an adorable girly touch to the suit but I actually immediately fell in love with the bottoms. I lived in these bottoms all… summer… long (I’m not joking, I should honestly have multiples). Not only did the bottoms provide the coverage this newly modest lady needed, but they were so comfortable! When I wasn’t wearing the top (which duals as a great support top for those growing bosoms during maternity as well as a nursing top for when baby is here) I swapped between bathing suit bandeaus I had (to keep the tan lines in check) but never went without the bottoms.

If you’re an expecting mama adjusting to a growing bump and needing more support, coverage and comfort while still feeling trendy you must check out Bikini Mamas. They always have amazing sales on and their shipping is so quick! They have quite a few designs available for the top and Terri always works hard to introduce new options. I know this bikini set will be used well into next summer as I plan to breastfeed for as long as possible (key word plan).

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we got our last heat wave. I was 30 weeks."


Camilla is enjoying her two swimsuits in one, with our convertible teddy tankini wrap, which converts her Animal Print Maternity to Nursing Bikini into a Maternity Tankini, with one simple wrap.