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Nursing and Maternity: Swimwear, Swimsuits, Dresses and Bathing Suits Available Here

Made in the USA!! And now offering maternity to nursing dresses!!

I was pregnant for the first time and could not have been happier. I felt great. My skin, hair and body looked really healthy, and knowing that I had a living human being inside of me brought the greatest joy imaginable.

Living on the coast, swimming at the beach is part of life.  To my great surprise and frustration, all the maternity swimwear available was unattractive, ill fitting, poorly designed and impractical.  It felt as though the bathing suit industry had abandoned us pregnant women, and that we were second-class!  The caring, thought, respect and research simply were not there in the design of maternity or nursing swimsuits. 

I decided that it was time to do something about that situation. Expectant and new moms deserve to have well-designed, maternity swimsuits that meets the evolving needs of a pregnant woman & breastfeeding Mama.  Based on those needs, Bikini Mama's was born.  

Buy Maternity and Nursing Dresses

At Bikini Mama's, our goal is to design and manufacture a line of sexy looking, durable traditional & maternity swimsuits, and now maternity to nursing dresses, incorporating the latest styles, colors and patterns.  We also ensure that our beachwear is comfortable to wear, easy to use and take care of, and provides your body optimum support, during and after pregnancy (traditional or non-maternity).   We offer this quality and selection at a price you can afford.  

Rock it ladies...be beautiful.